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How to differentiate yourself in times of contraction in logistics

This month, published an article about the current shrinking economy in the Netherlands. These times of economic turbulence have immense consequences for the transport and logistics sector. How can you, as a transport or logistics organization, continue to differentiate yourself? What creative ideas can contribute to a unique positioning? And how can you stay ahead of an economic contraction? Read on, as we help you get started in this article.

The latest Sector Monitor from the Sector Institute Transport and Logistics (STL) painted a worrying picture of ongoing revenue declines, a high number of bankruptcies, and growing pessimism among entrepreneurs. It's clear that traditional approaches are no longer sufficient to meet challenges and stay competitive. This is something we regularly address with our clients. With the creative campaigns and positioning strategies we implement, we do not see this bleak picture reflected in most of the prominent brands that MLM Promotions, as the leading marketing agency for logistics in the Netherlands, works with. However, to reach a point where the market can fluctuate and the logistics organization experiences minimal burden, a shift in strategy is needed. The following factors play a crucial role:

  1. Targeted positioning: In a competitive market, the importance of choosing a ‘niche’ is essential. It’s better to focus on one product group, market, or service, rather than doing a little bit of everything. Dare to choose. This way, the story aligns with the target audience, and the chances of generating leads and new customers are much greater.

  2. Building brand loyalty: Engage (potential) customers purposefully with your organization. Who are you, what does the brand stand for, what sets you apart? People like to work with people. It’s no coincidence that the most likes, comments, and highest engagement rates on LinkedIn often accompany personal posts. Use the power of human connection! And tell an engaging story! Even in logistics.

  3. Utilizing innovation: In logistics, process optimization, and certainly marketing, there are many impressive innovations that can surprise your customers. This way, you increase efficiency and keep costs low, but achieve maximum impact!

  4. Identifying customer needs: Do you truly understand what your customer finds important when choosing your product or service? How often do you have that conversation? What’s happening with your customers? Identify and anticipate these needs to then amaze them with surprising content and communication.

By focusing on these areas and constantly innovating and adapting to changing market conditions, logistics organizations can continue to differentiate themselves in marketing, communication, and image, maintaining a competitive advantage in the sector. Having a good marketing partner ensures that the development of such strategies, as well as their execution, is completely taken care of.

Often, we still see the same types of posts in logistics. Step out of your comfort zone and come up with a surprising campaign so that (new) customers are impressed by who you are and how strongly the brand is represented. This can be truly different from a standard 'truck' photo or listing services. Consider, for example:

  • Authentic storytelling through video content

  • Engaging (online) events

  • Sharing surprising results or projects

  • Unique behind-the-scenes glimpses

Always ask yourself: how much would we enjoy this content from another company? One thing is clear, MLM Promotions is bursting with ideas to give logistics brands more power in marketing. As true logistics marketers, we bring your brand to life. Are we going to tell a good story? Let's make an impact together and start a conversation! That way, you'll hear the really good ideas; this is just the beginning.

Een pakketje vliegend in een warehouse met een drone


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