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Hudig & Veder - Bringing stories to life

At Hudig & Veder, a sustainable strategy is implemented across various aspects of the organization, including online marketing and communication. Together with MLM Promotions, they shape communication by bringing the stories of Hudig & Veder to life.

MLM Promotions, the marketing agency for logistics, provides tailor-made solutions and focuses on long-term collaborations. Shipping company Hudig & Veder operates in a similar manner. It's no surprise these two parties have found each other. Elise Boender, marketing and communication officer at Hudig & Veder, aims to clarify Hudig & Veder's values and the comprehensiveness of their logistical solutions. To achieve this goal, Hudig & Veder and MLM Promotions have joined forces.The shipping industry remains a 'people's business'. People do business with people. To make the people behind Hudig & Veder more visible, a series of employee portraits has been initiated. What are their roles? What makes their work challenging? And what developments have they experienced?

MLM Promotions conducts the interviews and shapes the articles. "It's important that the company's identity shines through. The tone is professional, focusing on over 225 years of knowledge and experience. However, Hudig & Veder's personal touch is a significant part of its DNA, highlighting what truly matters to them."Hudig & Veder's team is a diverse mix of young individuals and long-time employees, some with up to 50 years of service. Loyalty is evident not only among the team but also with customers. "We have partnerships with clients that have lasted 30 or even 40 years."

For Elise, the greatest value MLM Promotions brings is their expertise in the logistics world. "It's crucial for us to collaborate with someone knowledgeable about logistical processes. This facilitates smoother coordination." According to Elise, she and Michelle speak the same (logistics) language.

Supply Chain Management by Hudig & Veder - The ABC Concept

The ABC concept involves collaboration among various departments within Hudig & Veder to create an ultimate logistical plan for their clients. By combining the strengths of the Agencies, Bulk, and Chartering departments, they form the ABC concept. With this concept, Hudig & Veder provides the highest level of service to their clients, resulting in a sustainable, cost-effective, and organized logistics process. A process designed to alleviate the burden on our clients. The Projects department also plays a crucial role within the system, finding suitable solutions for every logistical challenge related to projects and breakbulk cargoes. This concept can be described as a supply chain under their own management.The goal is to create a one-stop shop for clients and continue offering the additional service they expect from Hudig & Veder. With the opening of the warehouse in Laurenshaven, Rotterdam, a few years ago for covered storage of dry bulk goods, this goal is achieved. Let the future come.

The next step in the collaboration between MLM Promotions and Hudig & Veder is for clients to share their stories about their experiences with the shipping company, turning them into ambassadors. These stories contribute to a positive image and lead to partnerships with clients. Elise: "We're not looking for quick wins; we're building something for the long term."


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