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Jiannis Trailer Services - New inquiries every month

A true staple in the Rotterdam port, with over a quarter of the chassis belonging to Jiannis Trailer Services. The list of customers regularly maintaining their trailer fleet with Jiannis Trailer Services is endless. How did Jiannis Trailer Service prepare for a new era? Simply put, with MLM Promotions. A new location calls for a new website and strong online visibility.

Since 1985, the company has specialized in repairing, renting, and selling trailers & chassis. We are located in a modern facility with a spacious and well-equipped garage. The new location offers double the workspace and a larger yard. MLM Promotions was tasked with designing and developing the new website. From photography on-site to developing a content strategy, we handled every aspect of this process.

How do you give an organization like Jiannis Trailer Service the right online presence and translate its story into an online content strategy that aligns with Jiannis Trailer Service's DNA?

With MLM Promotions, we have a reliable partner specializing in logistics marketing, capable of assisting us effectively and with quality in deploying various online tools.

Check out the Jiannis Trailer Service website here.

Werkplaats van Jiannis Trailer Services


Bekijk de website van Jiannis Trailer Service hier.


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