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KDS Logistics - A wave of qualified leads

Goodbye old-fashioned lead generation,

hello integrated marketing and sales strategy.

In a highly competitive market, visibility and a powerful positioning are essential to continue growing. For over 30 years, KDS Logistics has been the specialist in ferry traffic between the United Kingdom and the European mainland. The turbulent and impactful Brexit period emphasized the importance of knowledge and expertise in this sector. With the complexity of Brexit and the competitive market, it was crucial for KDS to improve online visibility.

The challenge was clear. How do you approach this and what can you do to quickly achieve targeted visibility and generate leads? To tackle this challenge, MLM Promotions developed a tailor-made strategy. This is how we proceeded:

Sit back & let Google do the work.

1. Be found on relevant keywords.

We conducted extensive research to identify high-performing keywords related to B2B ferry services, Brexit impact, and transportation between the UK and Europe. We optimized KDS's content with related keywords, allowing the organization to improve online visibility through better search engine rankings.

2. Audience targeting: who is the message intended for?

To maximize reach and relevance, we segmented based on specific interests and behaviors related to cross-border transportation. Through detailed segmentation, we were able to develop targeted messages that align with individual needs and preferences. This approach resulted in higher levels of engagement and response within our strategy.

3. Powerful advertisements.

Writing compelling ad copy is crucial for capturing attention and generating clicks. We not only emphasized KDS's expertise but also focused on creating a sense of urgency and providing concrete benefits for potential customers. By using powerful words and professional call-to-actions, we were able to maintain the attention of our audience and drive conversions.

4. Monitoring

Throughout the campaign, we closely monitored performance indicators such as clicks, conversion rates, and cost per conversion. The custom dashboard we assemble for our clients enables us to refine the strategy in real-time, including budget allocation for maximum effectiveness.

Interested in having such a tailored dashboard? Click here.

We transform your silent website into

a place of vibrant lead generation

The result?

  • Every week, requests in your inbox

  • Higher click-through rates

  • Lower cost per conversion

The results were and are transformative. By using strategic Google Ads campaigns, KDS Logistics significantly improved online visibility. The website attracted a wave of qualified leads. Additionally, the added benefit was the reinforcement of the reputation as a top-tier ferry specialist.

The success of the ongoing campaigns underscores the power of data-driven marketing strategies. But we've known that for a while. A website serves not only as an online business card but also as a tool with proven functions and added value. Move away from old-fashioned lead generation and look at the possibilities of today and tomorrow. Make the most of your time and let strategic growth marketing work in your favor. MLM Promotions, the logistics marketing agency of the Netherlands, transforms your marketing and sales process in just a few weeks.

Ready for targeted, effective marketing by a team of real logistics marketers?

Contact us directly.


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