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Lessons learned in logistics marketing

The pandemic has certainly influenced the awareness of logistics organizations to also be visible online and generate leads through these channels. To achieve this, there must be a good marketing and content strategy, but above all, belief in the possibilities online. It is not uncommon for us at MLM Promotions to hear the remark: "Customers won't really inquire via the website. It's networking, word of mouth, giving each other opportunities." Sure, we understand! But over the past 2 years, we have proven otherwise. Every one of our clients receives multiple leads weekly via the website. Yes, even the transport companies. And yes, even the transport companies that focus very specifically on certain goods or areas. Read here what a logistics marketing and communication agency could mean.

Determining a good marketing strategy can be done by any marketing and/or communication agency, but determining an effective marketing strategy is something entirely different. When you work with a logistics marketing agency, you leverage expertise and skills and can directly apply proven effective methods. Below is a brief overview of some "lessons learned" that you as a logistics organization can apply immediately. First, a few considerations before the tips can be applied.

  • Determine why you want to use online marketing tools. Is the goal visibility or is the goal to directly generate leads?

  • To generate as many leads as possible, it is important to first determine the budget.

  • If you are working with a limited budget and want to achieve results in the short term, using Google Ads is recommended to collect as many leads as possible with a limited budget.

  • If you opt for a long-term strategy, you can combine Google Ads with a good content strategy for social media and Google.

To successfully use Google Ads, it is important to follow the following tips that have proven results.

  • Choose a number of keywords via the keyword planner, but do not choose more than 15.

  • If you advertise in a specific area, don't forget to turn off "interested parties in the area" in the 'location options'. Only then will you get visitors who are physically present in that area.

  • Ensure that the landing page and the ad correspond well with each other.

  • Always set up conversions to measure the direct output.

  • After a month, determine the correct bidding strategy and never start directly with 'maximizing conversions'.

Are you an entrepreneur in the logistics or transport sector? And if we haven't met yet? Do you want to achieve results with your online marketing strategy? Then it's high time to get acquainted. Contact us now. Then we can look together at what we can do for you.


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