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Newcorp Logistics - Full-fledged partners

Newcorp Logistics, part of the Newcorp Group, is one of the few leading companies in the field of 3PL services for excise goods. Newcorp Logistics focuses on product categories such as FMCG, wine, alcohol, and electronics. Whether it's warehousing and distribution activities or complete fulfillment services, with Newcorp Logistics, you have found the right partner. A rapidly growing organization requires a reliable partner in marketing and communication.

The task

Designing an appropriate marketing strategy for Newcorp Logistics and revamping the website to perfectly align with the new form of marketing and communication.

"We were looking for a logistics marketing and communication agency that shapes our marketing at a strategic level and also directly executes it. As an organization, we have a clear vision of where we want to take Newcorp Logistics. With MLM Promotions, we have found a party that tells our story well and uses the right tools to reach our existing and potential customers. The fact that they focus mainly on logistics organizations was a bonus for us," says Jasper van Luik, Newcorp Logistics.

Our approach

We started with a brainstorming session to input into the strategic marketing plan. The marketing plan also formed the basis for the development of the new website. Who is Newcorp Logistics, what are the USPs, and what message should be conveyed through communication? These questions had to be clear from the plan because there is no good marketing without knowing which direction you want to go. Like a fish in water, we helped Newcorp Logistics shape a marketing plan and clear online branding where Newcorp's DNA is visible and it is immediately clear what they stand for.

We can now answer this question well when we look at Newcorp's website and communication. Can you too?

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