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Warehouse Newcorp Heinenoord

Newcorp Logistics -  full strategic partnership

We were looking for a logistics marketing and communication agency that shapes our marketing at a strategic level, while also directly executing it. In a rapidly growing organization, a reliable partner in marketing and communication is essential.

Business case - within two days, the requests flooded in

For this (anonymized) client, our campaign already generated new customers. Meanwhile, MLM Promotions' Google Ads campaigns are leading in the sales strategy.

Jiannis Trailer Services - new inquiries every month

How do you give an organisation like Jiannis Trailer Services the right online presence and gather concrete inquiries? 'Every month, we receive multiple new clients through MLM Promotions' campaigns.'

Hudig & Veder - bringing stories to life

With 225 years of stories, personalities, and successes, there are tales that must be told. MLM Promotions is narrating these stories through a special series of personal interviews.

Creating good content: How do you do it?

What is content marketing and how do you create good content? In five steps, we help you on your way to impactful content!

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