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Without surprises, all-in packages. With our fixed social media management packages, you can fully outsource your social media. We determine the direction and shape your content strategy.

Let's get social

Social media management

Do you want more online visibility for your business or organization, but don't have the time or knowledge to manage it yourself? Then outsourcing your social media management to MLM Promotions is the ideal option. Good social media management ensures a professional appearance, more interaction with the target audience, and a broader reach. We offer social media management to businesses of all sizes, in any sector. You get a dedicated specialist for quick communication. Your specialist schedules professional posts and creates compelling ads that resonate with your audience.

Outsourcing social media doesn't have to be expensive at all. We offer a number of standard packages that can be fully customized to your needs. Additionally, you can decide what you do or don't want. Therefore, contact us for a non-binding conversation or request a free quick scan now. In the quick scan, we analyze your current online activity and advise you on the possibilities.

Jasper van Luik, Newcorp Logistics

"We were in search of a logistics marketing and communication agency that shapes our marketing at a strategic level, but also directly executes it. As an organisation, we have a clear vision of the direction we want to take with Newcorp Logistics. With MLM Promotions, we have found a partner who tells our story well and uses the right tools to reach our customers and potential customers. The fact that they focus mainly on logistics organisations was a nice bonus for us."

Logistic Nomad

I've been working with MLM Promotions for several years now, focusing on (social media) marketing and further branding of my business. I'm very satisfied with our collaboration because I can share many of my own ideas, but more importantly, we brainstorm together on social media posts and the continuous development and improvement of my website and social platforms. So, I see MLM Promotions more as a sparring partner than just a company handling my marketing.

Additionally, it's definitely valuable that they specialize in logistics and are simply a fun team to work with. This makes it still a great match between us, and I would certainly recommend them for marketing and promotional activities!

Julian van Veen, FerryGoods

MLM Promotions is an organisation with top performers. They know how to distinguish themselves from other competitors. Within a day, we already had the first inquiry in our inbox, and that was just after the campaign had started. But if something isn't feasible, they will certainly address it. I'm curious about the future and I look forward to growing together.

With us you can start small and end BIG.

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